New Website

Queensland Enduro has a new website for our sport.

We have put together this website to provide a single place of reference for our sport.



  • Online nomination. 
    • Once you register on the site you can nominate for events. When you nominate you can store most information in your profile (MA Lic#, Expiry Date, Emergency Contact, Bike #, Class, etc..) these will then auto fill the registration form, meaning faster registration process. If you ride different classes (Eg. Evo, Pony Express) then you can alter your class on individual entries.
  • Event Results
    • This is linked live to the Queensland Enduro My-Laps website. As soon as results are uploaded to the My-Laps website they will appear on this page.
  • News
    • news articles will be published here as they become available.
  • Images
    • These images are displayed from our Facebook page.
    • As images are added to facebook they are automatically added to this page.
  • Profile (only visible once you log in)
    • Here you can update your profile. Eg. Licence expiry date.

The site also has a newsletter feature, which will allow us to communicate any announcements, with a singel newsletter. You can opt out of receiving the newsletter if you wish, but we will try to limit the amount of emails to a minimum.



If you have any idea's on what you would like to see added to the page, please let me know and we will see what we can do.